About Koekla

Welcome to Koekla Puppet Theater, founded in 2000 by the creative talents Christina Boukova and Gilian Dierdorp. Our theater combines traditional fairy tales with contemporary themes in vibrant performances that captivate both young and old.

Christina Boukova, originally from Odessa, has a rich artistic background. Active in the State Puppet Theater from a young age, she has been working in the Netherlands for over 20 years. Gilian Dierdorp, born in Amsterdam and trained at the art academy, creates our beautiful sets and handles the technical execution of the shows.

At Koekla, our mission is to bring handmade puppets to life in magical performances that stimulate the imagination. We aim not only to entertain but also to provide educational value through interactive workshops that complement our performances.

Performances and achievements

Our Performances

Each performance is a complete adventure where music, lighting, and sound effects come together to create an enchanting atmosphere. Our shows always include themes such as friendship, courage, cooperation, and setting boundaries. From intimate performances in local community centers to large-scale international festivals, Koekla travels across the Netherlands and beyond to spread the magic of puppetry.

Our Achievements

We are proud of the recognition we have received for our work, including awards for 'Outstanding Drama', 'Design and Puppets', and 'Best Children Performance'. Each year, we add new and exciting productions to our repertoire, always striving for innovation and quality.

Christina talks about Koekla